Pay your energy bill, help Lamar Park

The Hyde Park Civic Association recently partnered with Stream Energy to assist our supporters in helping us by simply doing something they already do: pay their energy bill.

Stream Energy’s unique Power Up! Program helps raise funds by paying the civic association monthly commissions when supporters enroll their electricity accounts through the Hyde Park Civic Association web site. The Power Up! Program is an excellent fundraising campaign for us because everybody uses energy already, and the commissions we receive are paid monthly for the duration of our relationship with Stream Energy.

There’s no extra out-of-pocket cost, and we benefit on an ongoing basis every month. Stream will pay the civic association $5 per customer per month. If 50 supporters sign up for Stream through our web site, the civic association will receive $250 a month or $3000 a year. And you don?t have to live in Hyde Park to help. Anyone in an area served by Stream Energy who signs up through our web site will generate a monthly contribution to the civic association. So former residents, friends and family can help, too.

Based in Dallas, Stream Energy serves most of Texas, Georgia (natural gas only), Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, New Jersey and the District of Columbia. Funds generated through the PowerUp program will be dedicated to the maintenance of Lamar Park. Maintaining the park is our single biggest annual expense, costing about $300 each month.

The PowerUp program offers us an opportunity to cover park maintenance without using general funds. The person sponsoring the PowerUp program, past president George Sroka, will donate the $1 per customer per month he makes as the sponsor back to the civic association while serving on the board. In effect, the civic association will make $6 per month per customer. Please visit or click the PowerUp graphics in the upper right hand corner or lower right side of the page to learn more. Find out how you can help us raise funds for Lamar Park while possibly lowering your energy bill.