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Thank you for your interest in advertising in the Hyde Park Civic Association monthly newsletter; the ad fees support the publication of a monthly neighborhood newsletter that reaches over 1,100 residents and businesses. Because of space limitations, we maintain an optimal ratio between content and advertisements to ensure we serve our community in a balanced manner.

If you have not already done so already, email our newsletter ad coordinator ( who will provide you with ad space availability as well as other pertinent information such as monthly deadlines, ad specs, etc.

If you have already contacted our newsletter ad coordinator, please make a payment according to your ad size, either monthly or yearly (discount with yearly payment). We accept Pay Pal and major credit card payments using PayPal. Please make note of your business and contact information so we may properly credit you for your payment.

Carlos Fernandez, Hyde Park Advertising Co-ordinator

Online Payment for Newsletter Advertising
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Monthly Advertising Rates 7/1/17
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Annual Advertising Rates 7/1/17
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