Block Captains

Your local block captains are volunteers who donate their time delivering newsletters to each doorstep with an accessible mailbox. Newsletters are printed periodically throughout the year when sufficient budget is available and produced electronically every month. Sign up to receive e-newsletters at

Street NameContactPhone  Number
BomarGreg Jeu & Jim Hurst281-541-6756
CommonwealthLaura Lark713-550-6626
2516 CommonwealthMark McCreary713-338-1929
FairviewIrene Dahlgren713-299-5190
HydePark & HydePark Apts.Linda Carter713-524-2952
HydePark CrescentCarlos Fernandez713-520-7017
HydePark TownhomesClint Harbert832-428-0158
Indiana/YuponAlice McCarthy713-521-5807
JacksonNelson Vergel713-539-1978
MarylandFinas Cowan713-582-6066
MichiganTom Whitworth713-523-8035
MissouriRamzi Mantourra832-270-9166
Montrose/WaughEllen Pollard713-876-3335
PedenLori Corwin832-582-6520
VermontPeter Forbes832-921-3464
WaughJoseph Zetter832-499-3762
WelchScott and Lina Rigrod
Cliff Jones
West DrewMike Mckann713-526-6777
West Gray/HazelCaroline Sierra713-446-8213
WillardDelia Isabel Cuellar832-819-0813
Yoakum/VanBurenMacy Bodenhamer832-819-0813

Block Captians: Notify of any changes in contact information.